Dr. Ed Hinson

Dean, School of Religion, Dean, Institute of Biblical Studies Distinguished Professor of Religion, Liberty University

Dr. Mark Wilson

Visiting Professor of Early Christianity, Regent University

Dr. J. Randall Price

Executive Director, Center for Judaic Studies, Distinguished Research Professor

Dr. Charles Nienkirchen

Professor of Christian History and Spirituality/Down Ancient Paths Travel Study


The Ephesus Meeting is especially for North American University, College, and Seminary groups, and is the largest biblical event of this kind in Turkey today.
This is a great opportunity to visit the Seven Churches of the Revelation, sites visited by Paul and other biblical sites mentioned in both Old and New Testaments.
Program Chair: Dr. Mark Fairchild, Huntington University
Lectures by:
– Dr. Ed Hinson, Topic: ‘The “Lucky” Boy and the Farewell Address: Paul’s Passion for the Next Generation’
– Dr. Mark Wilson, Topic: ‘Opposite Chios’: What does Luke mean in Acts 20:15.’
– Dr. J. Randall Price, Topic: ‘Noah’s Ark’
– Dr. Charles Nienkirchen, Topic: ‘Replacing Walls with Wheels:  A Vision for Educational Travel’ 

Introduction Film of Ephesus Meeting